Water Quality Testing

A water test is an investment for your health.

There are no doubts that a healthier life is accompanied by better eating, exercise, and consumption of clean water. Surprisingly, not enough households know what is coming out of their tap. 

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What's in your water?

City Sky

Public Water

The EPA sets the regulations that city water must pass in order to be used as a resource in our homes. This doesn't mean the water we are drinking from our faucet is perfect. In fact, there are plenty of contaminants that either pass beneath the EPA's thresholds, aren't regulated, or simply leech into our water supply after treatment. Here is a list of just some contaminants found in city water:

Lead, chlorine, nitrates, bacteria, viruses, arsenic, radioactive contaminants, vinyl chloride, atrazine, and copper.   

Source: National Resource Defense Council

Our public water test is tailored specifically to the unique contaminants that slip beneath the radar of modern regulations. 

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Private Water

If you are one of the many Alaskan's that rely on a private well for your water you may already understand the importance of water testing. Without city regulations, it is our responsibility as homeowners to assure the water coming out of our wells is safe for our families. Here are just some of the contaminants that may be found in Alaskan well water:

Arsenic, antimony, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, selenium, bacteria, viruses, parasites, nitrate, nitrite, organic chemicals, and radioactive elements. Source: EPA

Our well water test is tailored specifically to the unique nature of private water systems. 

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Sight and smell alone are not great indicators of healthy water. In fact, many of the contaminants we test for are not traceable by our senses. 

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Your results come with recommendations on what types of filters are suited to your water profile. 

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